Lupe o le Soaga smash Moata’a as Premier Men’s kicks-off in Samoa

After two months of youth tournaments, the Premier Men’s kicked-off in Samoa. Senior clubs are back to action after nine months as the past season was called-off due to measles outbreak. Twelve teams are fighting for the title this year – the same amount of teams in comparison with last season.

Current league champions Lupe o le Soaga had a marvelous start in the season as they smashed Moata’a by 18-0. On the other hand, Kiwi FC that finished the last season in the second position lost to Lepea by 3-2.

Lupe o le Soaga squad – Lupe o le Soaga Media

Three other matches were contested in the opening matchweek: Vaipuna have beaten Vaiusu by 5-2 while Sogi thrashed Fa’atoia United by 5-0. The only draw of the round came in the match between Vaivase-Tai and Vaitele-Uta and the final score was 2-2.

A sixth match was scheduled to be contested between Moaula and Togafuafua but there are no official reports about it. You can check the current league standings by clicking here.


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