Premier Men’s knockout stage set to kick-of in Samoa

The Premier Men’s National League reached its final stage in Samoa. After clinching a spot in the next OFC Champions League by winning the regular season, Lupe o le Soaga are now ready for the knockout stage. The top eight teams of the regular season are going to return to the pitch next week toContinue reading “Premier Men’s knockout stage set to kick-of in Samoa”

Lupe o le Soaga smash Moata’a as Premier Men’s kicks-off in Samoa

After two months of youth tournaments, the Premier Men’s kicked-off in Samoa. Senior clubs are back to action after nine months as the past season was called-off due to measles outbreak. Twelve teams are fighting for the title this year – the same amount of teams in comparison with last season. Current league champions LupeContinue reading “Lupe o le Soaga smash Moata’a as Premier Men’s kicks-off in Samoa”

Samoa Premier Men’s League: a spectacular race

Samoa Premier Men’s League is contested by twelve teams and each team is supposed to play 22 matches in a season. Last season was an incredible one with an amazing title race starred by Lupe o le Soaga and Kiwi with the second one lifting the trophy in the final curtain due to goal debitContinue reading “Samoa Premier Men’s League: a spectacular race”