Lupe o le Soaga smash Moata’a as Premier Men’s kicks-off in Samoa

After two months of youth tournaments, the Premier Men’s kicked-off in Samoa. Senior clubs are back to action after nine months as the past season was called-off due to measles outbreak. Twelve teams are fighting for the title this year – the same amount of teams in comparison with last season. Current league champions LupeContinue reading “Lupe o le Soaga smash Moata’a as Premier Men’s kicks-off in Samoa”

Tomonori Sugiyama leaves Samoa

Tomonori Sugiyama left Samoa. The Japanese goalkeeper had an important role in the country as a player. He was also the Goalkeepers Coach of Samoa National Football Team during his time there. Sugiyama played for Lepea during his stint in Samoa. Lepea’s official account on Facebook made a statement about his departure – “… AppreciateContinue reading “Tomonori Sugiyama leaves Samoa”

Samoa Premier Men’s League: a spectacular race

Samoa Premier Men’s League is contested by twelve teams and each team is supposed to play 22 matches in a season. Last season was an incredible one with an amazing title race starred by Lupe o le Soaga and Kiwi with the second one lifting the trophy in the final curtain due to goal debitContinue reading “Samoa Premier Men’s League: a spectacular race”