Tomonori Sugiyama leaves Samoa

Tomonori Sugiyama left Samoa. The Japanese goalkeeper had an important role in the country as a player. He was also the Goalkeepers Coach of Samoa National Football Team during his time there.

Sugiyama played for Lepea during his stint in Samoa. Lepea’s official account on Facebook made a statement about his departure – “… Appreciate every contribution you have provided for the development of Lepea Football Club. We are going to miss you in this year’s season however we wish you all the best for your new role in New Zealand and continue to inspire young goalkeepers just like you did here in Samoa. Keep in touch.”

Sugiyama (first from right to left)

As it was reported in the Lepea’s statement Sugiyama is going to New Zealand but we still do not have further information about it. We will keep investigating in order to bring the most accurate information for our followers.

Sugiyama did not stay for a long time in Samoa but he was a very important person to help in the development of the sport in the country. His legacy will be remembered there.

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