Oceania Football Center and Vanuatu Sport News launch media partnership

Oceania Football Center is honoured to seal a partnership with one the most efficient promoters of sport in Vanuatu – the social media and radio program Vanuatu Sport News. Both brands are focused to promote football in the Pacific and Vanuatu Sport News is instrumental for our initiative to keep well informed about the most important happenings of the sport in the Ni-Vanuatu land.

The partnership consists in the promotion of both Vanuatu Sport News and Oceania Football Center work and the mutual usage of information from both brands.

Oceania Football Center and Vanuatu Sport News logos

Vanuatu Sport News has a well-known radio program in Port Vila and is responsible for most of the sportive updates in the country. Their work is being vital for Oceania Football Center to keep the Port Vila Premier League results and goalscorers updated weekly – as the readers can check in our weekly previews and reviews about the games in each watchweek.


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