Galaxy FC: pursuing the domination of Ni-Van football

Galaxy FC is a sensation in Vanuatu. Founded in 2014, the blue team owned by Andrew Leong is having a powerful beginning. Promoted to Port Vila Premier League in 2018, they managed to qualify for Oceania Champions League in their first ever season at the highest level of Ni-Van football.

The team is completely focused on 2019-20 Champions League and it can be checked by taking a look at their powerful squad with five foreign players and many other players that defend Vanuatu National Football Team. This constellation is commanded by Moise Poida, a legendary person in Vanuatu when it comes to football.

They are having a successful year in local football as you can check below:

• 2019 Port Vila Premier League – Top Four: Champion
• 2019 VFF National Super League: Runner-Up
• 2019 Independence Cup: Semifinalist
• 2019 Opening Cup: Runner-Up

Galaxy FC squad that won 2019 Port Vila Premier League Top Four.

Currently in the third position in Port Vila Premier League behind Ifira Black Bird and Tafea, Galaxy was considered the favourite to win the league when the season began. Their powerful wins by 14-0 and 10-0 against Yatel and Mauwia respectively indicated that no one could stop them this season, but things changed after they faced Sia-Raga.

After an unexpected loss by 1-0 to Sia-Raga in the fourth gameweek, Galaxy saw their season suffer a twist in a negative way. Current league topscorer Kensi Tangis got injured in this match and he has not returned yet. They scored only two goals in the last four games, showing that they are really missing Tangis.

Kensi Tangis is the current league topscorer

Even disappointing in last matches they still have chances to win the league once they are just six points behind current leader Ifira Black Bird. The bad moment can not erase the good job that is being done there, specially when it comes to media sources and youth football.

Oceania Football Center recently reported that Galaxy was promoting a mini championship for children. An important point to develop young players to reach the highest level of local football. When it comes to media sources, Galaxy is surely one of the best alongside Erakor Golden Star and Tafea social medias.

They recently tried to livestream a match against Erakor Golden Star but it was not so successful. Anyway it was a great initiative that Oceania Football Center expects that it can be accomplished by Galaxy and other teams soon.

Upoming years must be big for Galaxy. Andrew Leong is a very rich man and he was behind Amicale FC when they reached OFC Champions League final twice in 2011 and 2014. He can surely do the same to Galaxy.


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