Port Vila Premier League: decisive moments are coming

Half of the season is gone and Ifira Black Bird emerges as favourites to win the league above Tafea and Galaxy. The eighth matchweek of Port Vila Premier League reserves lots of emotions for the fans.


Last Meeting: Erakor Golden Star 3-0 Tupuji Imere (WO)

Erakor Golden Star needs to recover from two bad results (lost to Yatel and drew against Sia-Raga) and they are going to face Tupuji Imere that needs to win urgently. The clash between both teams did not happen because Tupuji Imere did not show up to the match due the death of one important person in their village.

David Chilia is confirmed as Tupuji’s head coach to face Erakor. According to him, they still have some difficults with their offensive systems but he advised “we will come back stronger“. Tupuji is currently in the seventh position with four points.

After playing some matches as central defender and defensive midfielder, James Chilia will probably come back to his main position – goalkeeper. Tupuji Imere will not count on Rodney Serveux (injured). Elkington Molivakarua, one of the most important players, is ready to move to New Zealand to work.

Erakor also needs to win to keep up with the leaders and losing is not an option for them.

Erakor Golden Star players. Source: Vanuatu Sport


Last Meeting: Galaxy 14-0 Yatel

After being smashed by Galaxy in the opening match, Yatel brought some players to strengthen their squad and it really worked. Their last loss was against Sia-Raga in the second matchweek. Since then they won twice and drew three matches. A good recovery for Yatel. “We have learned a lot of lessons […] We worked hard” said Richard Iwai (Yatel’s head coach) to Vanuatu Sports News.

Talking about recoveries, Galaxy needs to recover as soon as possible. Currently in the third position with eleven points, they really need to win to keep their position.

This match will not be another smash for Galaxy. Yatel already proved what they are able to do and they can be a good challenge for Galaxy “Our hope is just to give them a good game” said Yatel’s president John Tougon.

Galaxy players. Source: Galaxy FC Media


Last Meeting: Tafea 2-0 Sia-Raga

Currently in the second position, win is a must for Tafea this weekend and it is known by players and coaching staff “We have to win this match, no excuse to draw or lose” said Tafea’s player Bob Jeffery.

Harrison Massing (suspended) is the only absence confirmed for this match. Cyril Leo is sick and his availability for the match is still unknown. Anyway the morale is high there “Sia-Raga is a good team with young players […] but we can beat them again” said forward Jordy Tasip who scored twice against Sia-Raga in the last meeting between both teams.

Sia-Raga is currently in the sixth position with eight points but they have been a good challenge for every team. They will surely play hard to avoid Tafea’s win.

Tafea squad. Source: MG Tafea FC Media


Last Meeting: Ifira Black Bird 2-0 Mauwia

Ifira Black Bird can not stop winning! They are leading the league with seventeen points in seven matches and they are still unbeaten this season. With this amazing record it is obvious they are already thinking about winning the league but they know they need to work hard to be the champions “The boys are really committed to achieve what they are aiming for […] We must play every game as a final to give distance to other teams” said Daniel Natou.

The best point of Ifira BB so far is their defense: they suffered only one goal in the league. On the other hand Mauwia has the worst attack in the league scoring just five goals so far. It does not seem that Ifira is going to have a tough challenge but Mauwia improved a lot in last matches, specially in the 3-1 win against Sia-Raga.

Ifira Black Bird squad. Source: Vanuatu Sport

Oceania Football Center wishes good luck to all teams!


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