Georges Gope-Fenepej: back to a good level


Georges Gope-Fenepej is a 31 years old footballer from New Caledonia who is playing in France since 2012. He played for Troyes, US Boulogne and SC Amiens. He is currently playing for Le Mans in Ligue 2 – the second tier of French football. He can play as a winger or a midfielder, specially in the left side.

Fenepej was hired by Troyes in 2012. He played just one match in the 2012-13 Ligue 1 season and Troyes was relegated to Ligue 2. After spending some more seasons with Troyes, including a period of time that he was loaned to US Boulogne, Gope-Fenepej came to SC Amiens in the Championnat National, the third tier of football in France.

He live some good moments with SC Amiens. They were promoted to Ligue 2 in 2016 and then promoted to Ligue 1 in 2017, a meteoric rise for Les Licornes. Gope-Fenepej did not have many opportunities in Ligue 1, playing just 44 minutes in three matches.

Fenepej playing for Amiens.

After his second experience in Ligue 1 – he played the top flight of French football with Troyes in 2012/13 – Fenepej decided to take a step back and signed with Le Mans, a traditional club that was in the third division.

He was being an important player for Le Mans in the 2018-19 season until he got injured. Le Mans was promoted to Ligue 2 and Gope-Fenepej ended the season with two goals scored in thirteen matches.

In a kind of déjà-vu, he helped a team to be promoted to the second division just like he did in Amiens. After almost a year absent from Le Mans’ squad, he came back from injury to be one of the most important players of Le Mans in Ligue 2 with three goals scored in five matches.

Gope-Fenepej celebrating a goal for Le Mans.

Le Mans is currently in the 19th position of twenty teams in Ligue 2. His return can be a decisive factor to save Le Mans from relegation – they won twice and drew twice in the five matches that they could count on Fenepej.

While he is in a good moment in France, he has been far from the New Caledonia National Football Team for a while – He last played for them in 2016. Gope-Fenepej is one of the greatest top scorers of all time in New Caledonia National Football Team with 15 goals in 20 matches.

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