Eddy Kaspard taking his opportunities in French football

🇫🇷 Français Eddy Kaspard is one of the good players who played the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup for Tahiti, alongside players as Samuel Liparo, Kalahani Beaumert, Terai Bremond – all of them playing in the French football system by that time. From the players mentioned Kaspard was the only that managed to stay inContinue reading “Eddy Kaspard taking his opportunities in French football”

New Caledonia’s Jekob Jeno back in action in France

🇫🇷 Français Like the legend Georges Gope-Fenepej who plays for Concarneau in the National (third tier), Jekob Jeno is one of two neo-Caledonians who play in the top-three divisions of French football. The last time Jeno had played for Grenoble had been in the Ligue 2 defeat to Metz on December 30th, he had startedContinue reading “New Caledonia’s Jekob Jeno back in action in France”

New Caledonia international signs with French team

Titouan Richard is one of the great football hopes of New Caledonia. He has had stints with the Cagous youth national teams and was in New Caledonia’s participation in the 2017 U-17 World Cup in India after helping the team reach the final of the OFC U-17 championship. Since 2021 Titouan Richard has played forContinue reading “New Caledonia international signs with French team”

Georges Gope-Fenepej: back to a good level

🇫🇷 LIRE EN FRANÇAIS ICI Georges Gope-Fenepej is a 31 years old footballer from New Caledonia who is playing in France since 2012. He played for Troyes, US Boulogne and SC Amiens. He is currently playing for Le Mans in Ligue 2 – the second tier of French football. He can play as a wingerContinue reading “Georges Gope-Fenepej: back to a good level”