Eddy Kaspard taking his opportunities in French football

🇫🇷 Français

Eddy Kaspard is one of the good players who played the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup for Tahiti, alongside players as Samuel Liparo, Kalahani Beaumert, Terai Bremond – all of them playing in the French football system by that time. From the players mentioned Kaspard was the only that managed to stay in the top five divisions of France after the tournament – but with very little game time for Trelissac. The situation had changed when in early December, 2022 he moved to Pouzauges FC – club where Tahitian national team defender François Hapipi also plays.

Since his arrival Kaspard has played seven matches out of a possible 12, having sat out two matches serving a suspension after being sent off against Poiré-sur-Vie with only eight minutes to play. The 21-year-old Tahitian has scored one goal so far, on his debut in a 3-2 defeat against La Roche Vendée.

Eddy Kaspard playing for Pouzauges – Happy Zoom

An interesting change has been Kaspard’s switch from attack to a more defensive role, playing mostly as a full-back. In contrast to Kaspard who has been gaining space and minutes, Francois Hapipi has only played three matches in the competition, and most of the time he was not even listed with the squad for the match. It is still unknown the reasons why the central defender has not been used regurarly by the team.


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