Keana does not appear to overage case testimonial

It was recently reported that Maxwell Keana hearing to Oceania Football Confederation was postponed by the football body – now the reason is opened to public knowledge: the midfielder did not show up to the testimonial regarding the overage case. The player recently sent a letter to OFC stating he was not an under U17 player when he helped Solomon Islands to qualify for U17 FIFA World Cup – which is under investigation.

A imagem pode conter: uma ou mais pessoas, pessoas praticando esportes, grama e atividades ao ar livre
Keana playing Kossa at S-League – S-League

The player was suspended recently by SIFF and will not be taking part of any football activities in the country. Keana already did not play for his side Kossa in the last matchday of Telekom S-League – he was an usual starter at the midfield of the gold and green team.

Maxwell Keana was ommited from the squad that played recently the U17 World Cup held in Brazil due medical reasons, according to SIFF statement. The fans raised questions about the omission of one of the standout players of the team during the U16 OFC Champioship and rapidly the interest in the case increased.

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Keana (first from right) at OFC U16 Tournament – Solomon Times

After the releasing of the final squad for the world stage tournament, the midfielder sent a letter to OFC regarding a possible case of an overaged player in the competition, that in case was himself. Accoding to SIFF, the players documents are from entire responsibility of him and his family – and them were the ones who provided the necessary documents of the player for the registration in the championship.

The deny of Keana raise questions if there is a third party involved in the history using his as a puppet – it is not commom to see players assuming themelves as overaged in these cases, especialy after a frustration to be ommited from a squad that was going to play an important tournament.

OFC will set a new date for the testimonial of the player which is surely a very important part of the undergoing investigation.


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