Kooline’s Anthony Talo: everybody is working hard for the Champions League

Kooline fought hard to win Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) 2019 Futsal League – just overcoming Marist of Elliot Ragomo in the goal difference at the end of the league. The futsal champions of the most important futsal nation in Oceania come as one of the favourite teams to lift the very first OFC Futsal Champions League, to be played this week in Auckland, New Zealand.

The star goalkeeper Anthony Talo says “now every team is working hard for the tournament. It is not easy”. The Kurukuru member sees a lot of good competition coming in the newly launched tournament in the region – “No one is favorite in this tournament”, he adds.

A imagem pode conter: 1 pessoa, praticando um esporte e sapatos
Anthony Talo playing for Solomon Islands – OFC Media

The goalkeeper, that has experience of already taking part of FIFA Futsal World Cup for Solomon Islands, was once again voted as the best goalkeeper in the region after his brilliant performances in OFC Futsal Nations Cup leading to another title of his nation: “It was an amazing feeling to win for Kurukuru“, says Talo.

The goalkeeper admits their first game will be against one of the toughest teams in the competitions: “The hardest opponets for us will be the representants of New Zealand and Tahiti – first games are always hard, especially with a good oposition“. The first game of Kooline in the tournament will be against Pirae of Tahiti.

Talo says that the Kurukuru members of Kooline squad for the OFC Futsal Champions League – five in total – will help a lot with their experience in the court to guide the team to another succesful campaign. “It will be a bonus for us to win this competition after OFC Futsal Nations Cup“, stated the star player.

In the next days we may see what will be the fate of Kooline and their opponents in this very interesting tournament that is making all futsal fans in Oceania anxious to watch.


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