Tonga football season champions are defined

In the last weekend the champions of the two men divisions of Tonga Football and also the women’s league were defined in the Kingdom. Veitongo FC was already champions since the second round of the Tonga Premier League but this weekend sealed their success after they won Longoteme by 4-2; Veitongo won all 21 matches of the season to make a perfect campaign and rule football in the country.

The Veitongo champions squad

Despite not training all days in the week, our team got the skills and heart to beat all opponents“, said defender Sione Tuifangaloka of Veitongo. The bad news for the champions is Tuifangaloka will be moving to Australia and will not be able to play for Veitongo in the OFC Champions League qualifiers. Veitongo has various players in the Tonga national team, as Mahe Malafu, Hemaloto Polovili and Kamaliele Papani.

In the Division I, the second tier of football, Nukuhetulu won the grand final of the league after beating Ahau by 2-1 scoreline. Henry Tu’iono was the key man for the champions side as he scored 38 goals in the entire season for Nukuhetulu. The coach Lafaele Moala was also praised by the players and football community for their success. Both Ahau and Nukuhetulu will play in the top-tier of football in the next season.

Nukehetulu Squad

In the grand final of football in the women’s league, Veitongo saw their dominance broken by Navutoka. The usual dominant team in the sport, lost by 4-3 margin to Navutoka, to seal their first football title in women’s football. Veitongo had won all games in the entire season, just being beaten in the decisive day.

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