Atkin Kaua close to European opportunity

After the announcemt that Solomon Islands international Joses Nawo would be leaving Henderson Eels to attend trials in Malta Premier League side Tarxien Rainbows, it was reported by Netherlands Oceania Support Foundation that the 23-year old midfielder Atkin Kaua would be also joining Nawo in order to sign a contract with Tarxien Rainbows in Malta.

Despite the invitation, Paul Driessen – the responsible to set the details for both players to have their trials in Europe – urged Kaua and Solomon Islands community to conclude the proceedings, sponsoring the player to reach the European nation and attend to the trials: “Atkin needs to hurry in getting his funds as soon as possible. This is a unique chance which any Pacific Islander should grab. This invitation came quite suddenly but can also be pulled back. It is a very narrow opportunity window. I truly hope that a sponsor steps up in Solomon Islands in the coming days. Those who contribute would automatically be co-responsible to writing football history for their nation“. The page also added that “The clock is now ticking for Atkin Kaua as it is for Joses Nawo. Atkin has to find a sponsor in Solomon Islands within a week in order to cover his trial costs“.

A imagem pode conter: 1 pessoa, praticando um esporte e atividades ao ar livre
Kaua playing for Solomon Islands – NOSF

The player who has his education in New Zealand also played for the ISPS Handa Premiership side Canterbury United is currently playing at Telekom S-Legue for Laugu United. The midfielder already scored nine goals in the competition and also wears the armband to captain his side in their comeback to the most important league in the nation.

Kaua also took part in the previous competition played by the Solomon Islands national team that took place in Samoa – the Pacific Games. The played also took part in international friendlies, as the 4-3 for Singapore playing in the Asian country.

A imagem pode conter: 1 pessoa, praticando um esporte, em pé e atividades ao ar livre
Atkin Kaua in Laugu United colours – SIFF Media

The Maltese side both Kaua and Nawo will be attending is currently in the bottom of the standings in the top-tier of football in Malta and is hopeful that the Solomon Islands internationals can boost the quality of the team in the fight against relegation.

Oceania Football Center wishes the best for the playes as we thank Netherlands Oceania Support Foundation to keep helping the evolution of the sport in the Pacific.


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