The truth behind Amicale’s fine

One of the most important teams from Vanuatu, Amicale FC ended their football activities in August. It was originally reported that they received a 6 million Vatu (Vanuatu’s currency) fine but there were not further details about the situation.

However things are starting to come up: According to local sources, the 6 million Vatu fine is actually a 6 thousand Swiss Franc (Switzerland’s currency). The irregularities were found out by FIFA because Amicale joined TMS (Transfer Matching System).

After joining TMS, FIFA could have access to all international transfers involving Amicale and they could check some irregularities that culminate in a sanction (6000 Swiss Franc fine) to the team.

Amicale players celebrating a goal in OFC Champions League

This fine refers to past years. As they could not pay this heavy fine, Amicale FC had no choice but ending their football activities. Amicale was OFC Champions League runners-up in 2011 and 2014.


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