We miss you, Amicale FC

The 2020 PVFA Independence Cup finished on Thursday when Galaxy FC beat Ifira Black Bird by 2-1 to clinch the title for the first time in the club’s history. Despite all celebrations due to Vanuatu’s Independence Day, we also remember a sad day that happened in the PVFA Independence Cup last year. Eight clubs tookContinue reading “We miss you, Amicale FC”

Sanni Issa: a successful trajectory in Oceanian football

It is not uncommon to see foreign players in Oceania. There are some well known players like Argentinian forward Emiliano Tade, Portuguese forward João Moreira and Spanish defender Ángel Berlanga. These players came from South America and Europe to make history in Oceania – specially for Auckland City FC. However there is an African playerContinue reading “Sanni Issa: a successful trajectory in Oceanian football”

The truth behind Amicale’s fine

One of the most important teams from Vanuatu, Amicale FC ended their football activities in August. It was originally reported that they received a 6 million Vatu (Vanuatu’s currency) fine but there were not further details about the situation. However things are starting to come up: According to local sources, the 6 million Vatu fineContinue reading “The truth behind Amicale’s fine”