OFC Champions League: Suva and Rewa ready for fierce battle at HFC Bank Stadium

Today, football fans around Fiji will be eagerly awaiting the first leg of the OFC Champions League national play-off between Suva and Rewa, taking place at the HFC Bank Stadium in Suva. This game will mark the first encounter between the two sides since Suva emerged victorious in the Champion vs Champion series earlier thisContinue reading “OFC Champions League: Suva and Rewa ready for fierce battle at HFC Bank Stadium”

Rewa adds celebrated Nigerian striker Sanni Issa

Exciting news for Rewa FC and Fiji football fans – Sanni Issa, who won bronze medal at FIFA Club World Cup in 2014 for Auckland City, scoring the winning penalty in the shootout against Mexican Cruz Azul, has now signed with Rewa FC for their 2023 upcoming season. Issa also brings vast experience in nationalContinue reading “Rewa adds celebrated Nigerian striker Sanni Issa”

Sanni Issa: a successful trajectory in Oceanian football

It is not uncommon to see foreign players in Oceania. There are some well known players like Argentinian forward Emiliano Tade, Portuguese forward João Moreira and Spanish defender Ángel Berlanga. These players came from South America and Europe to make history in Oceania – specially for Auckland City FC. However there is an African playerContinue reading “Sanni Issa: a successful trajectory in Oceanian football”