Telekom S-League: the last weekend

The 2019-20 Telekom S-League is amost over. Kossa will face Real Kakamora on Wednesday in the last match of the season. However the league champions are already decided. Scroll down and check what happened in the last weekend of Telekom S-League.

Henderson Eels still had small chances to win the league. They needed to beat Real Kakamora by 13 or more goals and cheer for a Solomon Warriors loss against Guadalcanal. Eels took it seriously and smashed Real Kakamora by 19-0. Wonderkid Raphael Lea’i scored 11 goals and he is the current league top scorer with 24 goals in seven matches.

Le’ai destroyed Kakamora defense – S-League Media

Eels had a lovely effort but it was not enough once Warriors won Guadalcanal by default to clinch the national football league for the sixth time in the history.

There is another exciting race that is not over yet. Isabel United and Kossa are still fighting for the third position and both teams won this weekend. Isabel came from behind to beat Laugu United by 2-1 while Kossa won Marist by 4-1.

Kossa are two points behind Isabel but they still have a chance to finish the season in the third position as they will face bottom placed Real Kakamora on Wednesday. You can check the current standings and top scorers by clicking here.


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