Erakor Golden Star: the success of a well managed youth system

Erakor Golden Star is one of the most important teams from Vanuatu. They played OFC Champions League for three straight times between 2017 and 2019 and they are currently in the fourth position at 2019-20 Port Vila Premier League.

Erakor is well known in Vanuatu for being a good club on developing youth players and it reflects in the senior squad as they also count on some good and young players. Erakor’s youth squad plays the South Efate League, one of the football leagues linked to the Shefa FA, one of the eight member associations linked to Vanuatu Football Federation.

Erakor Golden Star logo

Some national team players like Brian Kaltak (currently playing at Auckland City), Tony Kaltack (Solomon Warriors) and Jason Thomas (Lautoka) played for Erakor while there are some other good players like full back Jesse Kalopong that represented Vanuatu U23 in the OFC Olympic Qualifier held in Fiji last year.

They recently lost some players to other teams from Port Vila including five players that joined Ifira Black Bird. It was reported by local people that some other players also left the team but there is no official news about it.

Despite losing so many players, Erakor keeps playing in high and good level in Vanuatu. They are currently playing the 2020 Port Vila Opening Cup with lots of young players and they finished the group stage with three wins in three matches so they qualified for the semifinals in the first position.

Japeth Toukoune, Keiben Kalotang, Ramidion and Junior Daniel are some youth players that are emerging at Erakor’s main squad in this tournament and they are having some good performances even when coming from bench.

Keiben Kalotang. Source: Kalo Noel Benjamin

The job done by Erakor Golden Star at youth level is an example for other clubs from Vanuatu and other countries from Oceania. Erakor’s coach Kalo Noel Benjamin and all his staff must be congratulated.

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