Foreign goalkeeper linked to Lautoka

It is being reported by local sources that Lautoka might count on a foreign goalkeeper for 2020 OFC Champions League. The cited player is Liam Anderson, a 25-year-old goalkeeper from New Zealand that played for some important clubs like Auckland City and Waitakere United.

He also had some international experience in the United States by spending two years at Wisconsin Badgers in the NCAA, the highest level of college football in USA.

Liam Anderson playing in the USA.

Lautoka recently lost Beniaminio Mateinaqara that joined Ba. They signed with former Rewa goalkeeper Joela Biuvanua for this season and they also count on 29-year-old Viliame Tabucava. However it seems that the Bluez want to add a top-class goalkeeper to play the continental championship.

The Bluez will debut on 2020 OFC Champions League on Saturday against Malampa Revivors from Vanuatu.


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