Tahiti – Ligue 1 – 13th round: Venus lost against Dragon!

by D. Focardi

The unpredictable happened yesterday in the 13th round of the Ligue 1 Vini. The leader of the table, AS Venus, lost againt AS Dragon after an incredible match that ended with the result of 4-3 for the capital team. But let’s go in order.

AS Venus was leading 3 to 0 already after half an hour’s game. 2 goals were scored by Heinui Amau and the other by the usual scorer Teaonui Tehau.

Tehau in a match against AS Pirae

Everything seemed to go as planned for the Mahinian team. But the Dragon’s players players did not give up and began to press to shorten the distances between the two teams.

It was Rainui Tze-Yu who first allows the Titioro club to regain hope before half-time. So the two teams entered the locker rooms with Venus leading by two (3-1). On the second half after few minute, Roonui Tehau, made a magnificent half-volley at 25 meters, and he put Dragon back on the right track (3-2).

Roonui Tehau with the Tahitian National Team

Someone would had imagine that the red card against the Dragon player, Raiamanu Tetauira, would allow Venus to revive in the clash. In fact this expulsion did not affect the morale of the Dragon players who continue to attack to tie the game.

At the 75th minute they had scored their third goal and finally they reached the draw. The question is: how was possible that Venus disappeared like that from the pitch? Only Samuel Garcia and his players can answer that. But the match was not finished yet. It was in the 88th minute of play when Hennel Tehaamoana scored the last goal and the winner for AS Dragon. Now AS Tiare Tahiti e AS Pirae can pass their rival and take the top of the table if they in the weekend Ligue 1 Vini round.

[Source https://www.tahiti-infos.com/]

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