37-years of Raïmana Li Fung Kuee: a legend of Tahitian football

🇫🇷Français In the last week Raïmana Li Fung Kuee scored the decisive penalty kick goal to give AS Dragon the Coupe Élite title over Tamari Punaruu. This week – exactly on April 10th – Li Fung Kuee turned 37-years-old, one more year to be celebrated for the Tahitian multi-sports star. Li Fung Kuee is aContinue reading “37-years of Raïmana Li Fung Kuee: a legend of Tahitian football”

After ten years Tahiti hopes to retake continental glory

🇫🇷Français Tahiti is one of the most successful football nations in Oceania and always gets special attention due to being the only non-New Zealand/Australia team to have won the OFC Nations Cup. Ten years later, the Toa Aito wants to repeat the 2012 OFC Nations Cup success that shocked the world and, this time, qualifyContinue reading “After ten years Tahiti hopes to retake continental glory”

Tahiti: 2020-21 season set to begin in September

🇫🇷 Français After cancelling 2019-20 football season due to COVID-19 pandemics, Tahitian Football Federation (FTF) already has a proposed schedule for 2020-21 season. According to Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) the next season of Tahitian football must begin in September. The biggest novelty is that the Ligue 1 VINI – the top-tier of local football –Continue reading “Tahiti: 2020-21 season set to begin in September”

Tahiti: 2020-21 season to have two more teams in local top-tier league

🇫🇷 Français The 2019-20 Ligue 1 VINI was officially cancelled and AS Pirae was crowned the league’s champion and booked a spot in 2021 OFC Champions League alongside runners-up AS Vénus while third-placed AS Tiare Tahiti qualified for 2020-21 French Cup’s seventh round. However the biggest news comes from the bottom of the table. ASContinue reading “Tahiti: 2020-21 season to have two more teams in local top-tier league”

AS Tiare Tahiti qualifies for French Cup

🇫🇷 Français AS Tiare Tahiti will be the Tahitian representant in the 2020-21 French Cup. They qualified for the biggest football cup in the world after finishing the 2019-20 Ligue 1 VINI in the third position. The spot in the French Cup’s seventh round is usually awarded to Tahitian Cup champion. However the football seasonContinue reading “AS Tiare Tahiti qualifies for French Cup”

Tahiti: AS Pirae crowned as Ligue 1 VINI Champions

🇫🇷 Français The Fédération Tahitienne de Football (FTF) has consultated the clubs on 23 May about what should be done regarding the 2019-20 season situation as it is stopped due to COVID-19 pandemics. There was a meeting on this Wednesday (27 May) and the Executive Committee decided that all leagues and cups are definitely cancelled,Continue reading “Tahiti: AS Pirae crowned as Ligue 1 VINI Champions”


La FTF a décidé de suspendre définitivement toutes les activités footballistiques de cette saison. Une réunion a eu lieu hier en présence du président fédéral et de tous les présidents des clubs de Tahiti. Les membres du COMEX ont pris les décisions suivantes: “Les Championats: Arrêt des championnats de la saison 2019-2020 de Tahiti pour toutesContinue reading “BREAKING: STOP AU FOOT A TAHITI”

🇵🇫 Tahiti Ligue 1 Vini 🇵🇫 : There are two new sheriffs in town

by D. Focardi Last friday AS Venus lost the head of the Ligue 1 Vini after its loss against AS Dragon. Allowing two sides the chance to take the top of the table from AS Vénus. AS Tiare Tahiti is the now the new leader, closely followed by AS Pirae, which has one still toContinue reading “🇵🇫 Tahiti Ligue 1 Vini 🇵🇫 : There are two new sheriffs in town”

Tahiti – Ligue 1 – 13th round: Venus lost against Dragon!

by D. Focardi The unpredictable happened yesterday in the 13th round of the Ligue 1 Vini. The leader of the table, AS Venus, lost againt AS Dragon after an incredible match that ended with the result of 4-3 for the capital team. But let’s go in order. AS Venus was leading 3 to 0 alreadyContinue reading “Tahiti – Ligue 1 – 13th round: Venus lost against Dragon!”

LIGUE 1 VINI – Deuxième journee de la Phase deux

🇮🇹 Italiano 🇬🇧 English Nous sommes arrivés a le deuxième jour de la deuxième phade de La Ligue 1 Vini. Vendredi soir, les leaders du classement, l’AS Venus, ont facilement gagné contre l’AS JT avec un resultat de 4-0. Les marquers de l’equipe blanc-violet étaient Yann-Pennequin-Le Bras, Tamatoa Tetauira, Ariiura Labaste et, bien sûr, leContinue reading “LIGUE 1 VINI – Deuxième journee de la Phase deux”