Benoit Beaujeon: a life on the road

🇮🇹 Italiano 🇫🇷 Français Today we made an interview with the french goalkeeper, Benoit Beaujeon, of one player who’s moving all around the world to realize his dream to play football. Interviewer: Hi Benoit I’m really glad to make this interview with you for Oceania Football Center. Benoit Beaujeon: I’m glad too be here. I:Continue reading “Benoit Beaujeon: a life on the road”

Tahiti: It’s ended the Winter MERCATO 2020. Let’s see what’s happened.

🇮🇹 Italiano 🇮🇹 by Dario Focardi In Tahiti, the mid-season market window ended on Sunday 5 January. More than 150 contracts have been filed in the offices of the FTF (the Tahitian football federation). Let’s see which are the most important transfers that have been settled. First of all it is important to underline thatContinue reading “Tahiti: It’s ended the Winter MERCATO 2020. Let’s see what’s happened.”

Teaonui Tehau: a blessed year

🇫🇷 Lire in français ici 🇧🇷 Leia em português Teaonui Tehau is one of the most proeminent footballers currently playing in Oceania. The 27 years old forward is scoring lots of goals year by year but 2019 was something special to him. The AS Vénus forward had such an important role in the squad toContinue reading “Teaonui Tehau: a blessed year”