🇵🇫 Tahiti Ligue 1 Vini 🇵🇫 : There are two new sheriffs in town

by D. Focardi

Last friday AS Venus lost the head of the Ligue 1 Vini after its loss against AS Dragon. Allowing two sides the chance to take the top of the table from AS Vénus. AS Tiare Tahiti is the now the new leader, closely followed by AS Pirae, which has one still to be played against AS TAC. Now they are missing only 5 games until the end of the season. Every game will be like a final. It’s very exciting to follow Ligue 1 Vini this year. Let’s see what happened.

The new after PH2 J4 (source FTF)


To really take the head of the rankings, the Moorea players first of all had to win against AS JT on the match that took place on Saturday at Pirae at Pater Stadium. They put their feet on the ball and play their game wonderfully with Tevaihau Tehuritaua, the captain, on the sticks. After the 15th minute the defense of JT cracks. Following a small festival made by Tevairoa Tehuritaua the referee whistles an inconspicuous handball of Pierre Hazet in the penalty area. The captain of Tiare Tahiti is responsible for transforming the penalty kick in a goal and giving the advantage to his team.

The beninese Bio Odo Chabi in action (source FTF)

After few minutes the Benin player Bio Odo Chabi, who is doing a very good season after he came to Tahiti on January, had the opportunity to double the score for Tiare Tahiti. Following a perfectly executed one-two on the left with Tevaihau Tehuritaua, the Beninese striker sees his strike hit the post. The game will then get complicated for JT when Romayel Nepamoindou is sent off for a second yellow card. Tiare Tahiti resisted at JT attacks and scored a second goal with Manarii Porlier in the additional time of the second half. Thanks to this victory, the tenth of the season, Tiare Tahiti settles in the leader’s chair of Ligue 1. But, this leadership may not last long if AS Pirare wins its match remaining.

The other beninese Brison Harold Sena Avodagbe in action (source FTF)


On their side, AS Pirae had to play against AS Central Sport. Raimana Li Fung Kuee’s teammates left the Tipaerui club no chance. In the second minute Sylvain Graglia managed to deceive William Vandal’s vigilance. Then the Roonui Tinirauarii show begins: the young Orange striker will score four times in the space of fifteen minutes.

Roonui Tinirauar after one of his goals (source FTF)

After 35 minutes of play Pirae is already leading 5-0. Then five minutes before half time Taumihau Tiatia comes to weigh down the brand by participating in the offensive festival of his team. 6-0 was the final score for Pirae who also surpasses AS Venus in the Ligue 1 standings, to occupy the 2nd place in the table with one more game to play. Mahina’s club is in third place, two points behind Tiare Tahiti, first, and one point behind Pirae, second.

AS Pirae players at the end of the game (source FTF)

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