Is Hienghène Sport at its last dance?

How could that happen?

It was probably the question that everyone asked after the final score of the first match of Hienghène Sport in the Group A of the 2020 OFC Champions League. In fact that was astonishing for me as well. How could it be possible that a team who did it very well in the last FIFA Club World Cup lose a match in that way?

(Source OFC via Phototek)

We will not turn our faces away, we took a very though lesson yesterday“, these were the words that Felix Tagawa, Hienghène’s manager, released to FedCalFoot, “The warmth, the lack of benchmarks, the height of the competition … All of this reminds us that for this kind of competition you have to be ready. The staff, the players, myself, we are aware of this and we share it together. Nothing is ever gained in advance. Now we have no choice, but nothing is lost yet“. Then he continued: “We had a lot of attacks that we were not been able to materialize. We did not do well in the first half and they were able to perfectly exploit the numerical superiority in wings. In the second half it was better but we were chasing the score so we left spaces. We also missed this penalty that could made us return to the to the match, there was also the goal dismissed for offside – that for me was wrong call. But we are not going to stop. There are no excuses. It is now a question of seeking these two victories to qualify. We have no other choice“.

(Source OFC via Phototek)

But, as we usually say in football, nothing is finally compromised until you have tried everything you can to survive. We all know that Hienghène Sport can overturn this very bad situation – they are the current champions. So let’s take a sit in our sofa and enjoy the next two games of the caledonians side.


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