Raphael Le’ai: wonderkid shines in OFC Champions League debut

Despite being only 16, Raphael Le’ai is already known by everyone that keeps up with Oceanian Football. He is a rising star at OFC region and he keeps impressing all those who watch him playing and it was not different at his debut in OFC Champions League.

Le’ai was in Henderson Eels’ starting eleven in the 2020 OFC Champions League opening match against Lae City from Papua New Guinea. It was his first ever official international club game and he managed to show off his amazing skills against Lae’s defense.

Raphael Le’ai playing for Henderson Eels in 2020 OFC Champions League. Source: OFC Media

He was a very dangerous player throughout the match. He was a nightmare for Lae’s defense with his speed and skills specially when he had the ball possession in the left wing of the pitch. Le’ai found the net in the first half after an impressive play as you can check in the video below (from 0:35 to 0:44):

It was a huge debut for Rapha and people can expect more from him in the upcoming matches. There are some scouts looking at him and a good peformance at 2020 OFC Champions League can take him to a higher level in football.

Henderson Eels will face Group B hosts Malampa Revivors tomorrow at Luganville Soccer City Stadium.


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