Final day: all teams from Group B battle for two spots in the knockout stage

The last matchday of OFC Champions League Group B will be played on this Friday. Source: OFC Media

The Group B of 2020 OFC Champions League is coming to its end. Two matches will be played this Friday to decide the two teams that will advance to the knockout stage. Oceania Football Center prepared this article to show what each team needs to do to seal their spot in the quarterfinals.

First of all, we need to check the current standings of the Group B and you can check it in the picture below:


And now it is time to check what team must do to qualify:

Current Group B leaders, Lae City has the easiest path to qualify. The Papua New Guinean side just need a draw to advance to the knockout stage. Lae City can qualify even if they lose but in this case they would need to cheer for a Lautoka’s win against Henderson Eels.

A win seals a spot for Henderson Eels in the quarterfinals, but the Solomon Islands side can qualify with a draw if Malampa Revivors lose to Lae City.

Malampa Revivors need to beat Lae City to qualify. There is also a tiny possibility to qualify with a draw but it is almost impossible as they scored less goals than Henderson Eels in the tournament. Revivors and Eels have the same amount of points (two) and the same goal difference (zero) but Eels scored more goals (five) than Revivors (three). So if both teams draw, Malampa Revivors need to finish the group stage with more goals scored than Eels.

Despite being in the last position with only one point, the Fijian side still have good chances to qualify. They need to win Henderson Eels and cheer for a Malampa Revivors’ loss or draw against Lae City.


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