Didier Simane: I believe in AS Magenta

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AS Magenta is the only remaining team from New Caledonia in the OFC Champions League 2020; differently from 2019, where the special collectivity of France had its best year ever in club football: both representatives – AS Magenta and Hienghène Sport – reached the grand final of the tournament, where the Nouméa-based club lost by 1-0.

In the current edition of the regional tournament, the reigning champions Hienghène Sport was knocked-out of the tournamement in the group stage, leaving the traditional AS Magenta as only representative of New Caledonia.

The New Caledonian international and important piece of AS Magenta midfield Didier Simane talked to Oceania Football Center regarding his expectations for the tournament that is close to start for his side.

Didier Simane – LNC

The 23-year-old that already played 14 matches at OFC Champions League stated his side is focused in the physical area of the game: “We are working hard to reach the finals once again. Our main focus is the physical preparation; if your body is not ready, we can not play football well“.

Magenta almost won the regional tournament twice, but the first goal for the New Caledonians is to proceed to the next stage: “We are focused in the three matches we are having now“, said Simane. “We will face each challenge at once” added the midfielder.

I believe in my team, we have a very good environment and team spirit. We are positive, but we know it is going to be a tough challenge“, explained the six-time international for New Caledonia.

Simane is fair about the opponents his AS Magenta will take on in the group C: “We know very well Solomon Warriors, but not that much Tiare Tahiti for now. But we expect our family and fans to be there in the stadium to support us in this task“, stated Didier Simane.

Simane and the home crowd at Stade Numa Daly will hope Magenta can fly high as they had done in the previous edition of the OFC Champions League.


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