Galaxy FC owner Andrew Leong craves for fighting spirit in Champions League

Ni-Vanuatu team Galaxy FC came back to training on Friday after returning from Papua New Guinea on Tuesday in order to keep players’ fitness level as they have less than two months to contest OFC Champions League quarterfinals. They finished the Group A in the second position with four points in three matches and they are now waiting for their opponents in the knockout stage.

Galaxy’s owner Andrew Leong pointed that they need total focus in the next phase – “Galaxy FC will need to get better and players must be hungry to win. We have done well but now it is real business. There is no second chances, it is win or lose,” he stated.

He also added that all players must be ready and willing to win – “There will be no room for players who do not have a fighting spirit […] I do trust them after doing so well in the Champions League”.

Galaxy is playing OFC Champions League for the first time ever but they already proved they are a strong side. They can be a tough challenge for every single team in this tournament.


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