The most important tournament of Oceania is cancelled

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21th April of 2020 marks a very sad day for all fans of Oceanian football; the most important competition of the region is cancelled, as informed the Oceania Football Confederation recent statement.

The Nations Cup will not be moved to a new window as the priority for OFC is to ensure the FIFA World Cup qualifying process can begin later this year and these matches must take place in the FIFA International Match Calendar“, informed OFC Media.

This is the latest – and biggest – hit COVID-19 outbreak had to Oceanian football so far. As mentioned, the competition will not be taking place and soon the Confederation might announce how they will organise the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers process for OFC region. A number of facts were listed by OFC in its statement to take this decision: “The decision was made in light of the complexities posed due to the coronavirus pandemic. OFC’s 11 Member Associations have experienced challenging operating conditions recently and many of these countries are in lockdown. There are also obstacles regarding international travel that makes the main tournament unplayable in the coming months and teams would not be able to adequately prepare“.

OFC Nations Cup highlights (31 May 2016) -
Fiji and Solomon Islands stars Krishna and Le’alafa fight for the ball in OFC Nations Cup 2016 – OFC Media

Football is being hit worldwide for the current situation of Coronavirus pandemic, more decisions might be soon issued by Oceania Football Confederation regarding the FIFA World Cup process and also the OFC Champions League.

Despite understanding and agreeing with the OFC’s decision, Oceania Football Center also brings the cancellation of OFC Nations Cup as a very sad event for Oceanian football. It is expected more football tourmamet will be implemented in a near future to fill the hiatus due the missing of the most important football of the region.


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