Ifira Black Bird asks for federation’s position on resuming football leagues in Port Vila

Unlike some countries like Fiji and Papua New Guinea, football leagues in Vanuatu still do not have a scheduled date to resume. Despite being cleared to resume since last month, football activities have not resumed yet.

The current situation of the sport in the country begins to annoy the clubs. Ifira Black Bird recently asked for Port Vila Football Association (PVFA) an Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) to state their position about resuming the leagues.

2020 Vodafone Premier League resumes in July
2020 Telekom S-League set for August
PNG National Soccer League set to resume in July

Ifira Black Bird squad against Galaxy FC in 2019-20 Port Vila Premier League. Source: Vanuatu Sports News

As it was mentioned above sporting activities are cleared to resume in the country since last month. Some sports like cricket and tennis are completely back to normality while the football’s situation remains unknown there.

Ifira’s complaining is endorsed by financial reasons. Despite not being a professional club, the players are paid so it is being hard to help them as football does not resume. Ifira Black Bird is the current leader of 2019-20 Port Vila Premier League season. You can check the current standings by clicking here.


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