Siotame Kubu: tough moments boost our dedication to football

Definitely it is not an easy time for most of us; COVID-19 has hit the world hard and more than six million people have been infected with the new virus. Governments have been forced to close borders, postpone important meetings and stop all economic activities to retain the spread of the coronavirus. Football has also been hit hard by this period – our beloved game had to be almost completely shut down worldwide – but slowly the game is starting again where the pandemic is already under control.

The latest news that Fiji’s premier football league will be back on the grid next month is something great for the fans, but also for Labasa star player Siotame Kubu. Kubu is missing the game a lot: “It is tough, but it boots our own dedication to football,” the striker said.

Siotame Kubu in Labasa colours

The player stated that Labasa players have not returned to normal training yet, although the Fijian Football Federation has already approved the new schedule for their return to the Vodafone Premier League. “At the moment, we are training ourselves. We only make videos of our training and send them to our officials,” Siotame Kubu said.

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Kubu was the responsible for the much-celebrated Battle of Giants title of Labasa in 2019 season; the striker scored the winning goal in the grand final match with a fantastic touch lobbing the opponent’s goalkeeper. The player was also part of the Inter-District Championship won by Labasa in the previous and year and also helped the team to confirm their good moment after beating the current Vodafone Premier League champions Ba in the Champion vs Champion series this year.

Kubu said that it is quite lonely to train like this, but these hard moments are important for him: “I have learned a lot from what this virus has brought. It has changed my life both physically and spiritually,” the player said.

Kubu, his team and all football players and fans are hoping for a fresh start for football in Fiji and all of Oceania. Some countries, such as New Zealand and Vanuatu, have already set dates to restart their competitions; the vacuum of football that Coronarivus has brought into our lives is about to end.


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