Mateisuva shows versatility in Labasa’s victory over Nadi

Labasa faced Nadi at Prince Charles Park last weekend and the Babasiga Lions defeated their opponents by 1-0 with a goal scored by Ilisoni Lolaivalu to remain in the fifth position in 2020 Vodafone Premier League with nineteen points in thirteen matches. Despite the important victory, there is a particular fact that must be highlighted.Continue reading “Mateisuva shows versatility in Labasa’s victory over Nadi”

Labasa bounce back as Lolaivalu shines against Nadi at IDC

After a bad start at 2020 Inter-District Championship (IDC), Labasa are back on the right track by smashing Nadi by 4-0 at ANZ Stadium in Suva to stay alive in the fight for a spot in the semi-finals of the tournament. Ilisoni Lolaivalu opened the scoreboard for Babasiga Lions in the fourth minute after aContinue reading “Labasa bounce back as Lolaivalu shines against Nadi at IDC”

IDC: Labasa’s chance for redemption in 2020

After a successful 2019 season, Labasa is not performing in a high level this year. Despite having beaten Rewa by 2-1 in their last official match, the Babasiga Lions have just thirteen points in eleven matches at Vodafone Premier League – the top-tier footbal league from Fiji. The team coached by Ronil Lal has nowContinue reading “IDC: Labasa’s chance for redemption in 2020”

Siotame Kubu leads Labasa over Nadi

Labasa received Nadi at Subrail Park in Labasa on this Saturday. Both teams were playing an official match for the first time in fourth months and the hosts took the advantage of playing at home to grab all three points. Nadi did not count on talented Jeshal Kumar who is recovering from an injury. OnContinue reading “Siotame Kubu leads Labasa over Nadi”

Suva and Rewa ready for a huge battle as Ba aims the top in Vodafone Premier League

After many months the Vodafone Premier League is finally going to have a complete matchweek with all four matches being contested in the same weekend. There will be some key clashes this weekend as current league leaders Rewa will visit their rivals Suva at ANZ Stadium and current league champions Ba will need to fightContinue reading “Suva and Rewa ready for a huge battle as Ba aims the top in Vodafone Premier League”

Fiji: Siotame Kubu remains with Labasa

One of the most important players from Labasa, forward Siotame Kubu was very close to leave the Babasiga Lions to join Lautoka. It was reported by local media that Kubu playing a friendly match for the Bluez while Lautoka’s transfer request was being analyzed but he has decided to stay with Labasa. However it wasContinue reading “Fiji: Siotame Kubu remains with Labasa”

Doubts arise on the transfer of Labasa’s star Siotame Kubu to Lautoka

Recently, Oceania Football Center stated that the star-striker Siotame Kubu was close to be moving to Lautoka. Despite the undergoing negotiations, new doubts about the possibility of the transfer aroused. According to FBC, “Kubu was one of the players who applied for his release from Labasa to join the Blues in the mid-season transfer windowContinue reading “Doubts arise on the transfer of Labasa’s star Siotame Kubu to Lautoka”

Siotame Kubu close to join Lautoka

After losing important players, Lautoka added some talent by signing with good players like Malakai Rakula and Sitiveni Cavuilagi. However the Baby Bluez want more and they are very close to join with a top player from Labasa: Siotame Kubu. It was reported by reliable sources that Kubu is just one step away from beingContinue reading “Siotame Kubu close to join Lautoka”

Can Labasa continue its winning streak?

The Babasiga Lions had a great season in 2019; winning the Inter-District Championship and the Battle of the Giants in the same season is not too common for a Fijian club. Labasa fans can be very proud of their team’s performances last season and hope that the good form will continue in 2020. A goodContinue reading “Can Labasa continue its winning streak?”

Siotame Kubu: tough moments boost our dedication to football

Definitely it is not an easy time for most of us; COVID-19 has hit the world hard and more than six million people have been infected with the new virus. Governments have been forced to close borders, postpone important meetings and stop all economic activities to retain the spread of the coronavirus. Football has alsoContinue reading “Siotame Kubu: tough moments boost our dedication to football”