Only six teams for 2020 Fiji FACT

It seems that the Fiji FACT will face some changes this year. The tournament was previously scheduled for May but it was postponed to November due to COVID-19 pandemics. Besides that there is another change annouced by Fiji Football Association (FFA) chief executive officer Mohammed Yusuf: the number of teams is reduced from eight to six.

The tourament will be played at Subrail Park in Labasa and six teams (including hosts Labasa) are going to fight for the trophy. The other participants were not released yet.

Vodafone Premier League resumes in July

Six teams will fight for Fiji FACT title this year. Source: Fiji FA Media

On the other hand, the Battle of the Giants and the Inter-District Championship are not going to have the number of participants reduced. Nadi is the current Fiji FACT champions as they defeated Suva by 2-1 in the final match last year.


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