Exclusive interview with Fiji’s Flemming Serritslev

Oceania Football Center had the opportunity of a telephone interview with the head coach of Fiji’s national team, Flemming Serritslev before the highly anticipated World Cup qualifying tournament in Qatar. He is a man with great ambitions for Fiji and is very passionate about the development of football in Oceania. How is the weather downContinue reading “Exclusive interview with Fiji’s Flemming Serritslev”

Roy Krishna: a history maker

Even before the COVID-19 crisis that shocked the world, a Labasa-born footballer was making history overseas; arguably the most important Fijian football player ever, Roy Krishna was named the best player of the 2018/19 Australian A-League season playing for the Wellington Phoenix. In that season, the striker also turned himself into the all-time top scorerContinue reading “Roy Krishna: a history maker”

There is not going to have 3rd/4th place match at 2020 Fiji FACT

The Fiji Football Association decided not to go on as scheduled for the final day of football in season; as normally happens, this time no 3rd/4th playoff match will be played for the 2020 Fiji FACT. The entity said they were advised by the referees and the groundsman to not continue with the match, muchContinue reading “There is not going to have 3rd/4th place match at 2020 Fiji FACT”

Fiji FACT postponed to next weekend

It was recently informed by Fiji Football Federation’s Rajesh Patel in a press release that the Fiji FACT semi-finals will be once again postponed, this time to Saturday and Sunday (6 and 7th Dec) due the bad weather conditions in Vanua Levu. “It is out of our control, it is a natural thing” said Patel.Continue reading “Fiji FACT postponed to next weekend”

Fiji FACT semi-finals postponed due bad weather and pitch conditions

Finally, the Fiji Football Association made the obvious: they understood the terrible conditions of the pitch at Subrail Park and decided to postpone the matches of this Saturday to tomorrow. The match that was interrupted in the half-time between Nadi and Rewa will restart from the second half. The muddy Subrail Park just turned evenContinue reading “Fiji FACT semi-finals postponed due bad weather and pitch conditions”

Fiji: 2020 Inter-District Championship pools confirmed

One of the most traditional football tournaments of Fiji, the Inter-Disctrict Championship, will be played from 6th to 11th October at the ANZ Stadium in Suva – and now the pools of both Premir League and Senior League tournaments are released by Fiji FA. Group A: Suva, Lautoka, Nasinu and RewaGroup B: Ba, Navua, NadiContinue reading “Fiji: 2020 Inter-District Championship pools confirmed”

Fiji: Lami FA to be re-established in 2021

The second-tier of football in Fiji is certainly missing one its districts; Lami after almost being promoted in the previous season to the Vodafone Premier League is not taking part of the second most important football league of the table. The reason was unclear at the time, but Oceania Football Center investigation confirmed the LamiContinue reading “Fiji: Lami FA to be re-established in 2021”

Fiji: Bula Boys training camp is underway

The 30-men squad selected by Fiji national team head coach Flemming Serritslev is already training at Fiji FA Academy grounds in Ba. As mentioned by the Danish coach in interview to Fiji FA Media, the aim of this training camp is to kick-off preparations for the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers – despite it is stillContinue reading “Fiji: Bula Boys training camp is underway”

Battle of Giants champions Rewa have six players called up for Fiji national team training camp

After celebrating the glory of Battle of Giants last weekend in Lautoka, the Delta Tigers have even more to celebrate as six of their players were called up by Fiji national team new head coach Flemming Serritslev to an one-week training camp in order to prepare for the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers – competition thatContinue reading “Battle of Giants champions Rewa have six players called up for Fiji national team training camp”

Fiji: Flemming Serritslev names training squad heading for FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

It was released by Fiji FA Media a list of 30 players called up for a training camp. The new national team head Flemming Serritslev will evaluate his option in a period of training that is set to key for the final selection of the national team that is set to battle for a spotContinue reading “Fiji: Flemming Serritslev names training squad heading for FIFA World Cup Qualifiers”