Fiji: Christophe Gamel applies for Bula Boys’ head coach spot

The former Fiji national team head coach Christophe Gamel wishes to return to the head coach position of the Bula Boys – that’s what the Frenchman told Oceania Football Center in an exclusive interview. “I wish to comeback to Fiji to get back the modern soccer type of play as it wasn’t like this since I left“, said Gamel.

Recently, Oceania Football Center stated that local fans on social media asked for the return of the former Paris Saint-Germian employee to the national team after the resignation of the Danish coach Flemming Serritslev.

Many fans called me and claimed it but I received also calls and messages from Fiji executives, coaches to come back and develop, share my vision and methodology there“, mentioned Gamel confirming the intention of many football related people in Fiji to his return to the country.

Christophe Gamel

I also want to help the U-20 side of Fiji as they had been trashed badly in their recent three matches heading for the World Cup“, said the Frenchman regarding the poor performances of Fiji U-20 side in an invitational tournament in Indonesia where the Junior Bula Boys were preparing for the U-20 World Cup to be this year.

Gamel urged all Fijian community to unite and work towards the development of the game in the country: “The point is to work as unit hand in hand, not putting blames – that’s my spirit” added the former Fijian national team coach that also coached in Algeria and Malaysia top-leagues recently.

Fiji Football Association announced that Rewa’s coach Marika Rodu is going to be in charge of the national team in the upcoming international friendly matches this March in Lautoka. The entity still did not decide who is going to be new national team head coach, that is why Rodu had been chosen to prepare the squad for now while Fiji FA makes its final call on the next boss of the Bula Boys – and Christophe Gamel is certainly one of the best profiles in contention for the vacancy.


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