Fiji: Rewa’s Marika Rodu to coach Bula Boys in upcoming international friendlies

Important news for the Fijian football fans were announced today (02nd Mar) by the Fijian Football Association: the well-known head coach Marika Rodu was selected as the head coach of the Fiji national team for the upcoming FIFA window this month – the Bula Boys will be playing a four-team tournament against Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and also the Fiji U-20 side that is preparing for the FIFA U-20 World Cup. “In view of the upcoming Tri-nations FIFA International Friendlies, the Fiji Football Association would like to announce that Marika Rodu has been appointed to prepare the Digicel Fiji National Men’s team. The process of identifying a new national coach is incomplete“, said the Fiji FA in a media statement.

Marika Rodu – Fiji FA Media

Rodu has plenty of experience at local football in Fiji; he coached the Fiji women’s national team and guided them to the final of the OFC Women’s Nations Cup back in 2018. Rodu also is the current national champions of Fiji after winning the Digicel Fiji Premier League last season with the Delta Tigers. As reported, while a new national team head coach is not chosen by the Fiji FA, Rodu will be in charge of the Bula Boys.

The Fiji FA also announced OFC’s Robert Sherman will step up to assist Rodu: “OFC High Performance expert with a wealth of knowledge, Robert Sherman, will be coming in to assist Rodu“, added the FA – “During the Tri-nations series, Sherman will also oversee the preparation of the Digicel Fiji National U-20 team who is preparing for the FIFA U-20 World Cup. Sherman will later present an independent report to the Fiji FA Board as far as the Digicel Junior Bula Boys’ world cup preparation is concerned. We will be guided by his report on what action, if any, needs to be taken going forward” mentioned the entity in the media statement, stating their preocupations on the Junior Bula Boys as well.


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