Anthony Talo: possible next steps of his career

One of Solomon Islands’ most famous players is still uncertain about the future of his career: Anthony Talo has had many ups and downs in his career, but surely the whole Solomon Islands can not forget his winning goal scored against Guatemala from his defensive end at the 2012 FIFA Futsal World Cup – the Kurukuru’s first ever World Cup victory; Talo was only 16-years old at the time.

Most recently, in 2019, Talo helped Solomon Islands qualify once again for the FIFA Futsal World Cup. The competition was to be held in Lithuania this year, but FIFA decided to postpone the tournament until 2021 following the COVID-19 pandemic. Also in 2019, Talo helped the Solomon Islands’ side Kooline to win the first ever edition of OFC Futsal Champions League in New Zealand. Talo and his teammates had already begun preparations for Solomon Islands’ fourth consecutive FIFA Futsal World Championship, but the outbreak changed from one end to the other forcing it to a stop.

In his time between football and futsal, Talo also played for various clubs in his country such as Marist FC and Kossa. The player even helped Marist reach the semi-finals of the 2018 OFC Champions League, and in early 2020 Hekari United announced the a very important signing of the Solomon Islander to represent the Papua New Guinean side in the 2020 OFC Champions League. Despite the good news, the story ended dramatically as Talo played only two games for Hekari in the PNG National Soccer League and left before the OFC Champions League began.

Anthony Talo with Hekari United – Joseph Rema

Before moving to Hekari, Anthony Talo was a Henderson Eels player and even won the best goalkeeper award in the Telekom S-League 2019/20 season, top-tier of football in Solomon Islands. The goalkeeper confirmed what Oceania Football Center informed when he parted ways with Hekari: “I left Hekari due personal and religion matters,” assumed the talented goalkeeper.

Recently, Talo also revealed in interview to Oceania Football Center that he is going to take a break from international duties as soon as FIFA Futsal World Cup comes to and end. The recent happenigs of COVID-19 and further postponement of FIFA Futsal World Cup made the future of Talo’s career very uncertain – but he disclosed to Oceania Football Center his intentions: “It seems like I will take a break from S-League. I am only interested to play football abroad currently. If any team wants me to represent them overseas I am ready to go – but If it does not happen I will concentrate in Futsal here in Solomon Islands,” expressed the goalkeeper.

Anthony Talo was chosen the best goalkeeper of OFC Futsal Nations Cup 2019 – OFC Media

The still only 24-year-old goalkeeper has a lot to come in his sporting career; as one of the most talented Futsal players, Talo is still to represent his country internationaly in football pitch: “My goal is to be Solomon Islands’ first choice goalkeeper,” said Talo expressing his aim. To achieve this goal, Talo still has to impress to new staff of Solomon Islands Football National Team – but it is sure the goalkeeper has what it takes to be part of both national teams, as for example his compatriot Micah Lea’alafa already is.

Talo’s ITC (International Transfer Certificate) is still in possession of Hekari United – “Hekari was a family for me,” said Talo – and as mentioned the player expects an opportunity to return to a foreign club, so his ITC is a crucial part to make this wish come true. Any team interested to sign Talo will need to acquire his services from the Papua New Guinean club.

The goalkeeper has much to look forward to in his already successful career, with Talo already making the Solomon Islanders smile with his performances – something he can continue to do in his sporting career.

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