Jean-Philippe Saïko debuts for AS Lössi

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Jean-Philippe Saïko played his first official match since he returned to New Caledonia. The 29-year-old forward played a important role at AS Lössi’s 6-1 win against AS Kunié in the second matchweek of 2020 Mobil Super Ligue – the major football league from New Caledonia.

The powerful forward was the team’s captain in the clash and played the entire match. He had an outstanding performance with some dangerous shots and good passes to confuse AS Kunié’s defense. He scored one goal and delivered one assist to help AS Lössi to grab all the points.However the biggest name of the day was Anthony Timoteo who scored a hat-trick. You can watch the full match by clicking here.

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Saïko playing for Tasman United from New Zealand

Saïko is currently in his homeland because he is not able to travel back to New Zealand due to border restrictions. It is already known that he will return to New Zealand once the borders reopen. You can check the Mobil Super Ligue current standings by clicking here.

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