FC Kutubu loses key players for PNG National Soccer League return

The current bottom ranked team of PNG National Soccer League, FC Kutubu, will face even bigger challenges in the return of the competition: four important players left the and also the head coach Mathew Witu. According to reliable sources, the players left the team after an incident between them and Kutubu’s management.

One of the players that left the team is former Hekari United and Papua New Guinea national team Samuel Kini; “I have left the team due to some in-house conflict between management and me as the captain representing the players,” said Kini. Alongside Kini, the defender Jes Moses, the attacker Andrew Apo and the goalkeeper Jonathan Pole departed from the Goroka-based club – “Head Coach Witu is now officially terminated also from the club,” mentioned Kini.

Samuel Kini, Jonathan Pole and Andrew Apo were three of the four players that left Kutubu

The goalkeeper Pole complained about FC Kutubu’s decision: “Kutubu suspended me for and other players for no good reason,” said the young goalkeeper. It is also known other three young players from the squad left the team.

The PNG National Soccer League was rescheduled this week and they will be starting in a new date – see here more info about PNG national league return.


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