Mosie Milubwa set to play PNG National Soccer League second round

The experienced defender Mosie Milubwa is interested to play the second round of PNG National Soccer League that is set to restart on 8th August as informed by PNGFA. Former Lae City man left the club just before the final of the first round of the competition when various players walked out of club with sacked manager Peter Gunemba. The 36-year-old player disclosed that clubs approached him to represent them in the remaining games of the national league.

Mosie Milubwa

Despite the interest of certain franchises in the league, it is still uncertain which of them Milubwa will pick up or even if he will not feature in the second round – there is little time until the end of the current transfer window in Papua New Guinea. “Some teams contacted me, but not decided yet which team to join for the second round,” explained the experienced player.

The central defender helped Lae City to win the most recent editions of the PNG National Soccer League, also taking part in OFC Champions League campaigns.

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