Allista Kalip: I always wanted to represent Vanuatu

Allista Kalip is one of the most important players of Tafea FC. The 31-year-old forward is scoring a lot of goals this season and he is playing a major role to help his club to remain on top of 2019-20 PVFA Premier League with seven goals scored in nine matches.

He was also one of the best players of 2020 PVFA Independence Cup as he scored three goals in five matches to help Tafea to finish the tournament in the third position. Despite having a blessed season by scoring many goals, he knows that helping the team is the most important thing – “I can score as much as I can but the most important is winning matches,” he said.

Just like many other players from his country, Kalip works in the morning and train with his teammates in the afternoon. A tough reality for non-professional footballers that can not focus totally on the sport.

Kalip has a long history playing for Tafea. He joined the club in 2006 and spent a whole decade in the club before joining Easton in 2016. He returned to the club in 2018 and he has always been an important player in the squad – “I helped the team to qualify for two OFC Champions Leagues (2014 and 2015) but I did not have the opportunity to play these tournaments,” he explained.

Despite having helped Tafea a lot over the years, Kalip does not have a long career when it comes to OFC Champions League. He played only one match in the tournament, a 1-1 draw against Kossa in 2008“In 2014 I scored in the local final against Amicale and we qualified for the Champions League in the penalties. I went to Fiji with the team but I did not play,” he sadly remembers.

Kalip (left) celebrating a goal for Tafea in 2020 PVFA Independence Cup

The 2019-20 PVFA Premier League is set to resume in the next week and Kalip has clear goals in his mind: help Tafea win the league and qualify for 2021 OFC Champions League so he could finally have the opportunity to be in Tafea’s starting eleven in an international match.

Despite having good performances throughout his career, the 31-year-old forward has always been set aside by his coaches – “Maybe I am not good enough,” he stated – “But I always wanted to represent Vanuatu. I wish I can play for Vanuatu to show all my love for my beloved homeland,” he revealed.

Tafea next clash is not confirmed yet but, according to the initial schedule, it must be the same confrontations as the third matchweek which means that Tafea will probably face Mauwia. You can check the current league standings by clicking here.

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