Papua New Guinea: Bougainville beats Star Mountain in friendly match

Bougainville and Star Mountain clashed in a friendly match at Bisini Park on this Saturday as both teams are close to finish their preparations for the 2019-20 PNG National Soccer League’s resumption in the next week.

This match marked the reunion of Percy Mataio with his former club Star Mountain and Mataio fared better as Bougainville won by 5-0: “The friendly was helpful for us in terms of how we are constructing our defensive and offensive structures […] The players are adapting to the new game plan I am introducing and I am pleased with the team progress as we had only two weeks of training so far,” he said.

Bougainville is going to have a tough clash next weekend against Hekari United in the 11th matchweek of 2019-20 PNG National Soccer League: “We won the friendly but there is a lot of work to be done […] Our game model is slowly taking shape and we are hopeful that we will be able to compete at the level we want to face Hekari United next week,” explained Mataio.

Bougainville and Star Mountain clashed at Bisini Park

On the other hand Star Mountain’s players and staff have to deal with this heavy loss in order to get ready for their upcoming clash against Vitiaz United at PNG Football Stadium in Port Moresby – “We have some players who just left the club during this transfer window: some of them due to school commitments and others due to family commitments. We have new players replacing them and it is good to have friendly match so we can see where we are,” said Star Mountain’s team manager Joseph Ame.

Both teams will have tough missions in the remaining matches of the season as Bougainville is currently in the sixth position with eleven points in ten matches and Star Mountain is in the eighth position with only eight points. You can check the current league standings by clicking here.

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