Lautoka: Malakai Rakula is finally cleared to play Battle of Giants

Finally, Lautoka fans can celebrate the signing of Fijian international Malakai Rakula after a lot of difficulties faced by the Blues to complete his registration alongside Fiji FA. The player even told Oceania Football Center that he felt Lautoka gave up on proceed on his release from Manukau United in New Zealand, but in the last minutes in the period of registration for 2020 Battle of Giants, Rakula was introduced in the final list of the team coached by Ravinesh Kumar.

Malakai Rakula

According to reliable sources, as stated previously, the player was released from Manukau United from New Zealand – where his International Transfer Certificate was – more than three weeks ago. Then, the issue was between Fiji FA and Lautoka to negotiate the registration of the player in time to represent Lautoka in the Vodafone Premier League and Battle of Giants. The player did not feature in any of the recent matches of the team in the national league, but finally was granted a spot in the BOG squad to represent the Blues at home at Churchill Park.

The fact is that Rakula should have been released much before than that – allowing him to take place in Vodafone Premier League games – as he was released in enough time to make his registration to Fiji FA. Unknown issues made the proceedings so hard to finish, but at the of the day Rakula is cleared to play, finally, for his district.

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