Malakai Rakula should have been cleared before by Fiji FA for Lautoka’s BOG campaign

The Fijian international Malakai Rakula would be one if the biggest missing stars of the next Battle of Giants to be played this weekend in Lautoka. The former Ba man was recently approached by Lautoka and his application was almost done in order to greenlight his participation in both Vodafone Premier League. But, as Rakula mentioned in interview with Oceania Football Center, the Blues could not count on his services as they faced difficulties to register the player in the tournament due his ITC (Internatinal Transfer Certificate) – but they could add him in their final list in the late stages of the registration period for the tournament.

Malakai Rakula when Ba player – FFA Media

According to reliable sources, Manukau United – club where supposed Rakula’s ITC belonged to, stated that they released the player three weeks ago alongside another former Manukau’s player Mohammed Alam that signed for Labasa and already feature in matchday squads, unlike Rakula.

The release of Rakula would be the solution for Lautoka to count on the player for the next Battle of Giants and Vodafone Premier League. If Malakai Rakula’s ITC was free to be granted by Lautoka – as both Lautoka and Manukau agreed in negotiations – the only issue on the player’s paperwork might be in Fiji FA.

According to sources, Manukau wanted to Rakula to continue playing in Fiji during his wait to return New Zealand due the current situation borders closed for foreigners to enter New Zealand as a measure to protect the entrance of COVID-19 back in the country. Fortunately for all parties involved, a final solution could be granted and the player will feature in the traditional tournament.


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