Telekom S-League: season opener fixtures released

The 2020 edition of the most important football league of Solomon Islands will start this weekend in Honiara. TSL media recently informed the first five games that will be taking place this weekend in the national league.

On Saturday, the first match of the seaoson will see James Naka side Kossa taking on the newly formed Southern United at 2pm in Lawson Tama Stadium. At 4pm, one of the most interesting mathces of the weekend, will see Joses Nawo, Raphael Lea’i and Tutizama Tanito Henderson Eels taking on the new club of Michael Boso and Benjamin Totori, Isabel United.

Benjamin Totori – S-League Media

On Sunday, two more matches will take place at Lawson Tama Stadium: at 2pm Malaita Kings will be taking on the newly created Central Coast and Real Kakamora will have he task to play against the good Laugu United at 4pm.

On Wednesaday we will have the final match of the season opener matchweek as Marist FC take on the new side Honiara City. Current title holders Solomon Warriors will be team on bye this week as we have eleven this season in Telekom S-League – always one team will get a bye matchweek.


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