‘Match of the Season’ atmosphere in Port Moresby as Hekari faces Lae City

The most important football match of the season in Papua New Guinea is set to take place in Port Moresby as the top-teams Lae City and Hekari United play at PNG Football Stadium. Lae City comes from a very strong win against Gulf Komara by 5-0 while Hekari also won, but for 2-0 against Boungainville in both sides last matches in the national league.

Lae City counts on the quality of players such as Jacob Sabua and Emmanuel Simon, but now they will have to worry with two former Lae City players that joined Hekari United: Raymond Gunemba and Nigel Dabinyaba – both players were in doubts to play this weekend, but they were finally cleared to play for Hekari United after a dispute about their transfer to their new team.

Gunemba and Dabinyaba of Hekari – Sabua and Simon of Lae City

PNG National Soccer League has three teams tied at the top of the table: Lae City and Hekari are two of them alongside Vitiaz United – a situation that adds even more importance for this clash.

Gunemba and Dabinyaba will be looking for revenge against their former team as they said, recently, they were hummiliated by their treatment after leaving the club. But, certainly, the strong defense of Lae now led by Alwin Komolong will not make their life easy in this very important match.

The match is set to be livestreamed by PNGFA Facebook Page to start at 3pm local time.

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