Mobil Super Ligue: AS Magenta travels to Maré to face Horizon Patho as Hienghène takes on AS Wetr

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The 5th matchweek of football in the most important football league of New Caledonia will see the top-two tabled sides AS Magenta and Hienghène Sport travelling to play very important matches in the competition. While the leaders AS Magenta will take on Horizon Patho at Stade de la Roche in Maré, Hienghène Sport will have a hard clash against AS Wetr at Stade Numa Daly in Nouméa.

The 6th placed AS Wetr will expect his star striker Germain Haewegene to be a great night when they take the experienced defense of Hienghène led by Emile Béaruné in the first match of the day this Saturday (22th Aug) at Stade Numa Daly. Hienghène cut the deficit to AS Magenta in the top of the table last matchweek afer their important win over AS Lössi and the draw of AS Magenta against AS Mont-Dore. AS Wetr suffered a heartbreaking defeat to a last minute goal against Tiga Sport and will expect better luck this time against the current national champions.

Hienghène Sport surpassed AS Lössi in their latest match in the league – MSL Media

Two teams with much history in New Caledonia football scenario will be battling for all points from the second match of the day in the New Caledonian capital: AS Lössi will expect to bounce back from their defeat against Hienghène when they play AS Mont-Dore that could hold AS Magenta to a 3-3 in the team latest match. Lössi currently played 7th in the table is not doing a very good season so far when we have the team counts on players of the caliber of Jean-Philippe Saïko and Cyril Drawilo. AS Mont-Dore is having an ever worse season so far, but they expect to build on after a good performance against AS Magenta to improve their rankings; the likes of Titouan Richard and Cédric Décoiré might be their pillars in this match against Lössi.

Horizon Patho is impressing in the season so far sitting 4th in the process. The team will not have an easy match when they take on the Alain Moizan coached-side AS Magenta. The current top-tabled side will come with the powerful striking force led by Kevin Nemia against a defensive system that already conceded nine goals in the season – despite being ranked fourth.

Also on Saturday, Tiga Sport will travel to Koné face the JS Baco. The team from the north of New Caledonia collected their first win in the season after beating AS Kunié in Stade Numa-Daly in the last weekend. The Stade Yoshida will be full of supports to welcome Richard Sélé and his Tiga Sport – that is currently doing a very good start of season sitting 3rd in the process.

To finish the weekend of football, another match at Stade Numa Daly, this time on Sunday (23th Aug). The bottom ranked AS Kunié will expect a better luck against the good team from Lifou, SC Ne Drehu. If the team coached by Luka Laurent Douepere wants to get something from this match, they will need to be ready to stop Ne Drehu’s star duo Leon Wahnawe and Yorick Hnautra, both former Magenta players.

You can check the latest updates about New Caledonia’s Mobil Super Ligue by clicking here – you can see full results and updated of the league so far.


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