Ishmael Pole unhappy with local media treatment on Hekari United players

In exclusive interview to Oceania Football Center, Hekari United and PNG Kapuls goalkeeper Ishmael Pole stated his views from recent headlines on Hekari United players – including himself – made by local newspapers in Papua New Guinea.

The goalkeeper, that is suspended for two matches after a straight red card after fouling Lae City’s Jacob Sabua in the late stages of the last game between the two top-sides, was very unhappy with a recent article posted by local newspaper The National stating he was fined after receiving a straight red card: “Everyone gets red carded in every game. It is just part of the game. Even in rugby, it does not have to on the headlines. It was not my intention to get the red card,” stated the experienced player – “It was a miscommunication between me and the defender. If I left Jacob [Sabua] and did not foul him he was going to score a clear goal,” added the goalkeeper.

Ishmael Pole

In fact, Pole’s foul on Sabua was not a violent action – according to FIFA rules, if a player denies a clear goal chance by fouling a player outside the penalty box, he must be red carded. If the foul is commited inside the penalty box, the player is only yellow carded. In Pole’s case, he left his box to tackle Lae City’s player, but could not get in time and stopped him with a foul. “They should have just called my manager and tell her about the fine. Why headlines? Too personal for Papua New Guinean medias,” said the goalkeeper.

It was not my intention to get a red card; it was miscommunication between me and Junior David, but only way to protect my goal mouth I had to commit this foul to deny a clear goal. Everyone gets red card in every game, no use to go headlines and all this,” said Ishmael Pole.

Pole is also very frustrated with the treatment received by two of his teammates – Raymond Gunemba and Nigel Dabinyabain a recent headline from local newspaper Post Courier. “What happened this week on the news and now this one. This is a personal attack on us Hekari United players. Can they make it fair for everyone?“, said Pole.

Hekari United will be playing this Saturday (22th Aug) against FC Kutubu in Port Moresby, without the services of Ishmael Pole, but needing a win to continue in the contest for the top spot in the 2019/20 Papua New Guinea National Soccer League.

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