Solomon Warriors in search for a new head coach

The current Solomon Islands’ national league champions is searching for a new head coach. The team was coached by football legend Henry Fa’arodo, but Fa’arodo departed to New Zealand to play for Hamilton Wanderers and coach in their grassroots system. Selson Molea was the responsible to guide Warriors in the OFC Champions League group stage in New Caledonia, Molea was succesful in his duty to qualify the team for the knock-out stage.

Molea was still listed as head coach of Warriors in their debut match in the 2020 Telekom S-League, but the interim head coach will not continue in his position – and he was not even in the sidelines in the 1-0 win of Solomon Warriors against Marist last Wednesday: “our first game yesterday we played without a coach. Our physical trainer and a few injured boys were on the bench yesterday looking after us“, said senior team player Judd Molea.

Solomon Warriors in their debut against Marist – S-League Media

Warriors, that are qualified for OFC Champions League quarter-finals, are set to take on Kossa this weekend in their second match of the season so far. In his social media account, Judd Molea also confirmed his team is looking for a head coach for the season: “Solomon Warriors Football Club is looking for a new Head Coach. Anyone with the right criteria available please let the management know.” Molea also added that “it is a bit difficult to defend a title without a proper Head Coach. Hopefully we’ll sort this out soon“. Despite the strong message from the experienced midfielder, Warriors management is still to confirm the availability to hire a new head coach.

Despite counting on very important players such as Haddis Aengari and John Alick, Warriors are missing some key members of their team as Gibson Daudau and Tigi Molea. Certainly, not counting on head coach is another major problem the most succesful team of the modern era of Solomon Islands’ football is currently dealing with.

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